What Alabama Residents Love About Their State

Alabama offers its citizens a lot, from the 60 miles of shorelines and delectable BBQ to the state’s rich history. There is something for everyone to enjoy, so relax and take in the southern beauty of little communities like Opelika or support the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa. See why Alabamans adore their home state by reading on.


You should visit one of Alabama’s white sandy beaches if you want to go away to a tropical oasis without any other people. Alabama has a border with the Gulf Coast, which results in 60 miles of stunning beaches and scenery. One of Alabama’s largest towns, Orange Beach, is renowned for its life-changing adventures. Everyone can find an activity they enjoy, from kayaking and boating to golfing and hiking. Go to Dauphin Island if you want to truly get away. You can enter a delightful tiny town with historical sites, fantastic beaches, and mild temps by crossing a three-mile-long bridge.


The overall cost of living in Birmingham is roughly 19% lower than the national average, and the cost of Birmingham homes for sale is significantly lower by 43%. Simply said, your money is better spent here. You can understand why so many individuals are relocating to the Magic City when you consider the affordability and the abundance of work options. This housing market has options for everyone, whether you’re a young professional looking to live in a downtown loft or a luxury neighborhood and want to build a bespoke home. You may always locate your perfect house in one of Birmingham, Alabama’s top communities.


Alabama is happy to have football fans among their ranks. You may ride the flow every fall even if you are not a sports lover. They will always be excellent; everyone admires a winner. It is a wonderful ritual that is filled with passion and pageantry. Long tailgate parties can be had both before and after the game. The universities of Alabama and Auburn consistently have some of the strongest teams in the country.


Alabama enjoys great weather all year round for a variety of activities with 213 days of sunshine. The average summer temperature in many areas of the state is 90 degrees or higher, while the winters are often pleasant. It is ideal for various outdoor activities, including water sports, hiking, kayaking, and simply visiting a new city, thanks to the sunny weather and stunning coastline. So Alabama is a state to think about if you’re sick of the winter.


A local favorite, grits and shellfish are paired in many different ways here. The goodness is enhanced by the fresh fish from the Gulf. Additionally, people are really proud of their barbecue. Alabama-style barbecue is among the greatest, despite claims to the contrary from other states. To wash it all down, there is sweet tea and fried catfish. In Alabama, almost anything can be grilled or fried and will taste delicious.

Southern Hospitality

On the street or in the grocery store, people will greet you. Perhaps that seems superficial, but in this part of the nation, being polite to everyone is the standard. People who already live there will welcome you to their state because southern states are receiving more residents as a result of the weather. Southern hospitality includes taking the time to get to know people because of the slower pace of life.