Making a Difference Pays More than Just Making a Living

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It is natural to want to make a living. After all, without eating and having a place to lay one’s head at night, life will be nothing short of hell. Not being able to provide for one’s family is even worse than being an infidel as a revered holy book has noted. Nevertheless, the history and life of prominent people have consistently shown that there is more to life than making a living. If everyone that has ever lived had preoccupied themselves with just making a living, it is evident that many of the great things our planet can boast of today would never have existed.

Making a Living in Norway

As with most countries around the world, Norwegians are no back-seaters when it comes to putting in their best to survive. Besides the beautiful topography and manageable weather condition, citizens and residents take hard work as a norm. It’s even evident in the reviews of companies and services that clients give on Norskeanmeldelser. For instance, many foreign clients prefer to hire Norwegian freelancers over any Scandinavian or European because of their excellent reputation

In 2019, Norway came first on the list of countries with the highest Human Development Index going by UNDP’s data. What this means is that an average Norwegian is well-educated, lives a good life, and is healthy. As such, making a living isn’t the headache of a typical Norwegian.

How to Make a Difference as a Norwegian

Moving from just enjoying life and ranking high on famous lists of prosperous nations, every Norwegian must seek to make a difference. This difference should not only be in the country alone but even around the world. There is no better time in history when the globe needs a radical world-changer than now. So, here are a few steps to guide anyone that desires to make a difference.

  • Attempt Something New

New challenges keep springing up now and then, and although science is trying to find answers to most puzzles, it cannot succeed much unless many people come together to act. You can begin from your corner to see what new challenge you can take on and help resolve. Those who provide solutions to societal problems are real world-changers.

  • Lend a Helping Hand

The world is full of people who are destitute and helpless, and although there may be many companies in Norway helping its economy to flourish, the same is not applicable in other parts of the world. To make a difference in other people’s lives, you can either decide to have a branch of your company in less privileged nations or give to charity organizations that help the needy.

  • Volunteer to Help

Everything is not about money; you can give yourself or service to a worthy cause. Examples of this volunteering effort include community service in any form that it may come, rendering free medical consultation (if you are a medical professional), joining non-governmental organizations to provide help, etc.


It is when everybody does their part that the world can be a better place. Don’t stand aloof; do something!