Do you care about taking care of the planet? Get to know Glassmeister’s sustainable glass containers

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Glass has been a part of humanity for millennia. Its physical properties make it the perfect material to protect a wide range of products. It is even better than plastic. In this sense, the Calaso Company has focused on manufacturing all types of glass containers using 100% recyclable material. Moreover, while other companies burn fuels to keep their furnaces burning, this company uses wind turbines and solar panels to melt the glass in its containers. This is how Glassmeister becomes the first self-sustaining company capable of manufacturing a wide variety of glass containers that do not harm planet Earth. The best part is that these containers are lightweight, which saves on shipping costs, and they are very strong. This company has managed to solve the problem of the glass industry.

Advantages of finding a smart solution to an environmental problem

Taking care of the planet requires making changes. Often these changes mean not using a certain material. In other cases, you just have to change processes. What Glassmeister has achieved with its sustainable production of recyclable glass containers is to solve two problems at the same time. On one hand, it eliminates the pollution generated by the glass industry. By using recyclable material and renewable energy sources, CO2 emissions are greatly reduced. In addition, because Glassmeister containers are lighter, the vehicles that transport them require less power and therefore burn less fuel. On the other hand, it provides businesses and consumers in general with strong, durable, reusable and affordable glass. A simple and intelligent way to solve a problem, taking advantage of the renewable energies that the planet has to offer.

Rest assured that Glassmeister has the container you need

Some people often think that just because a product is made from recycled materials, it means it’s a lower quality product. That’s a thing of the past. In fact, when you come across Glassmeister packaging, it doesn’t look like recycled packaging. This company has a large collection of containers that fit many types of industries. Even if they don’t have the model you’re looking for or you want to design your own glass container, they make it possible. We are talking about Glassmeister as a supplier that will free you from all the headaches related to glass containers. There you will be able to get everything your company needs. It’s just the way a supplier should be, a place where you can find solutions to improve your company’s sales.