Buying grass seed on the internet

Many people need grass seed and want to get a beautiful lawn in their garden. Some buy grass seed for laying out a new lawn, and others buy grass seed for re-seeding a lawn. It may be that there are bare spots in the lawn, or that the lawn is thinning out. With new grass seed, you can make your lawn look beautiful again. Before buying grass seed, it is wise to check which grass seed is suitable. There are many different types of grass seed and each has a different use. Would you like to find out more? In this article, we will discuss it in detail, so you can learn more about grass seed.

What do you need to pay attention too?

Of course, you need to learn how to sow and check the shelf life of grass seed. It is also wise to know which grass seed is suitable for you. There are several ways to determine this for yourself. Firstly, you need to look at what you want to use it for and what application this should be. Secondly, the sun/shade location should be taken into account and the type of soil should be considered. Different brands of grass seeds have made mixtures of different types of grass. This way grass seeds can be used for different applications. Grass seeds can differ a lot from each other, and there are hundreds of different varieties. Below, we will tell you more about the different types of grass seeds.

Types of grass seed

There are many different applications for grass seeds. One of these applications is a sports lawn, which of course needs to be very strong. Grass seed for a sports lawn must consist of coarse and strong grass. This is called rye grass, and it can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. For a playing lawn, you also need special grass seed that is extra strong. It also needs to feel soft because many small children play on it. Finally, there is also special grass seed for shadow lawns. These are grass seeds that can grow in the shade, so you can still enjoy a beautiful lawn.

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