Advantages of Reviews Over Advertisement

A recently released Trustpilot report has put the percentage of people who trust customer reviews over traditional advert at 87%. That’s incredible, isn’t it? There are many reasons for this preference. It doesn’t mean that advertisement has lost its purpose; it only reveals that customers get information that adverts often tries to conceal. If you regularly shop online, you may be interested in while online reviews pay more than advertisements. That is what this article seeks to reveal. So, let’s examine the benefits.

  • Customer Reviews Proceed From Verified Buyers

To produce an advert for a company or product, you don’t necessarily have to have used that product or patronised that company. In most cases, advertisers only collect the product descriptions from the producers and package it in a manner they feel the public will appreciate. But for reviews, especially if you are reading it on BritainReviews or other reputable platforms, only verified buyers drop their comments or feedback. Now, if you are a prospective buyer, whose report will you believe more? That of someone (or many people) who have used the product before, or a paid advert?

  • Adverts Don’t Reveal the Downside of a Product

No producer would pay anyone to say something bad about their product or company. Consequently, it is uncommon to see any advert detailing the cons of a product it is trying to sell. But everyone knows that sellers and their products do have issues. As such, one smart way to know this before you fall into a wrong hand or spend your money on something not particularly useful is by reading customer reviews.

  • Customer Reviews Give More Details

While you may learn from people’s experiences through reviews, it can also be a means to learn about the products and several things surrounding it. When someone, for instance, writes of how they handled a challenge that arose while using an electronic product, you also get a hint of what to do if and when such happens to you. No advert will include this detail, which, of course, is very useful to you.

  • More People, More Trust

A few individuals or company usually runs adverts. As such, in matters of trust, they may not be as reliable as reviews written by hundreds, if not thousands, of people. When you have many people affirming the authenticity of a company or product, it is safe than relying on a few people or adverts on billboards and social media.

  • Does it Now Mean that Adverts are Irrelevant?

Adverts are still relevant in today’s marketing endeavours. They are often the first means by which consumers become aware of a product. That is, even before people start giving their feedback, they probably heard about that company first through adverts. But after a product has been established, it is preferable to check out consumers’ opinions about it before purchasing.

Where a person decides to read reviews also matters. Not all platforms are reliable, as some reviews are malicious or made-up. But like we earlier mentioned, you can trust people’s comments about a company on BritainReviews.